Why the disconnect exists in financial sales between “We’re so great!” and “You’re terrible!”

Imagine getting an email from, Bob, an old friend you’ve lost contact with asking “I’d love to catch up.”

Sounds great, right?

You email back and say, “I’d love to meet and see what’s been going on with you.”

The next thing you know, you’re sitting down for coffee with Bob and the conversation swiftly turns to your finances.

Bob is now asking open-ended questions such as:

  • “What do you see as your biggest challenge to retire?”

  • “What are you currently doing to ensure your retirement is on point?”

  • “What kind of asset protection do you currently have in place?”

The initial positioning of the meeting was to catch up with an old friend, but now you have found yourself in the QUESTIONING phase of Bob’s sales process.

You politely tell Bob you have a financial advisor or an insurance agent and do not currently have any needs. The conversation is now… awkward.

The coffee meeting is now wrapped up, but Bob is about to attempt his Hail Mary to the endzone responding, “If you know anyone who you could introduce me to or use my services, please send them my way.”

Bob entered the meeting full of confidence and conviction. He felt that he could bypass the relationship-building process since they were old friends. To make matters worse, Bob asked you to open your network for them to experience the same painful conversation.

Bob is now perceived as “just another cheesy sales guy” resulting in a diminished value of his personal and company brand.

Here’s the reality.

Financial services sales professionals are not only in competition against the firm across the street but the negative perception of the industry.

A quick Reddit search “hate insurance” gives us a glimpse into the sentiments of your audience.