Creative, Funny, Nostalgic... Someone Give This Man A Job!

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Content consumption behaviors are rapidly evolving. Buyers are starting to turn their nose up at simple marketing and advertising tactics and now craving unique and engaging online content.

Some brands have recognized this trend and adapted, while others still lag by pushing out the same boring content. Content marketing has become the backbone of digital marketing. Creating brand awareness and increase web traffic has never been simultaneously easier and equally difficult.

The key to success in our digital world is content marketing. But what exactly is it and how can brands use this valuable tool?

What is content marketing?

In its most simplistic definition, content marketing is the process of creating relevant, valuable content to attract, acquire, engage, and retain your audience. Instead of pitching your product or service, content marketing provides relevant and useful content to your audience.

Exceptional content marketing educates, entertains, inspires, and ultimately convinces. Your audience is not just reeled in, they stay to see what happens next. It is the equivalent of that book that you can’t put down or a movie that keeps you on pins and needles. You want more.

When done correctly, your audience continues to invest their most valuable asset – TIME.

Enter Brady LaRock

Every so often, a new app redefines the social media landscape. Last year, that app was TikTok. The mobile app offers a mix of music, lip sync videos, and micro-video content. Gen Z loves the platform, but it remains foreign territory for older generations.

If you’re on TikTok, you may have stumbled across Brady LaRock (@bradylarock) on your ‘For You Page’. The self-described voice over artist, PA announcer, and content creator has 97.5K Followers and 1.3M Likes. His amazing radio voice is what first captures a user’s attention, but his underlying and most valuable talent is the succinct video script copywriting. The wildly entertaining video messages are delivered concisely, creatively, and naturally.

Years In Review

One of Brady’s most popular video trends provides a year-in-review video. His audience regularly asks for recaps of certain years and Brady delivers.

The opening of these videos typically has a comment request for the year plastered at the start of the video. In a cool, nostalgic voice, Brady responds, “So you want to go to {insert year}? Let’s go!”

In his split screen format, Brady shows the highlights from the year 2000 on the top frame while he’s speaking into a mic below. The recap starts with the ball dropping over time square, the world didn’t end and it’s the start of the new millennium. Funny references were made to mad cow disease, the Meet The Parents movie, AOL instant messenger, sports highlights, and pop music. His recap videos always end with “Life is good!”

The video takes you back to what it was like 21 years ago. The memories are no longer just events in history. You actually feel what it was like living in 2000. Watched 271.1K times, 47.6K liked, and over 2,400 comments. You can certainly say this one video made an impression on people.

Someone needs to hire this guy!

Brady created a series called, “adding a voiceover until a company hires me”. He takes random companies and creates voiceover commercials in attempt to get hired.

Some selected companies are sometimes unplanned. In a few videos, he chooses a random business by zooming in on Google Maps. One lucky recipient was Up Shot Coffeehouse in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. For other videos, he uses well-known brands in hopes of getting noticed.

In June, he launched a mock Pringles commercial.

The Pringles commercial is brilliant by mixing in an outstanding script while showcasing the product.

The script is simple yet engaging.

"When you’re an original, you set the standard for how it’s done.

And with the tantalizing taste of potato, you’ll be taking this gold standard all the way to the flavor bank.

It’s the one salty snack that hits the spot every time.

Pringles. Once you pop, the fun don’t stop."

3.2M views, 512.8K likes, and over 3,500 comments surely had to get someone at Pringles attention. So why didn’t they hire this guy? The reach of Brady’s video undoubtedly caused a spike in Pringles sales.

Why should businesses care?

Scale and ubiquity of information have changed the digital landscape. As our world continues to advance in technology, traditional marketing effectiveness diminishes. Brady’s video highlights the opportunity to create unique content with exponential reach.

Brands need to create content that is useful to their audience and distributed in preferred consumption channels. The difference between informational garbage and content marketing can be answered with the following question: Is it relevant and valuable to your audience?

Brady LaRock knows the difference and his growing audience reflects his efforts.