Emotions, not logic, drive most buyer decisions. It’s a powerful sentence that many fail to understand in the marketing and selling process. But why? We receive countless inquiries daily from people who want to sell us their stuff. Every pitch seems to be the same.


“We’re the best because we increase production by x%”

“We save an average $ for our clients”

“Our product is the best because of x features”


Great statistics but a forgettable story. Many B2B companies probably deliver value to their customers, but their marketing and sales pitch fail to connect and engage their buyers. Statistics, PowerPoint presentations, and features alone all fall short of real engagement.

No matter how great your products are, if your business or sales rep lack a good story, it is all for nothing.

When done correctly, business storytelling gives reasons for people to buy from you. A great brand inspires trust and connects your business with customers and employees. Small businesses may lack the resources of larger organizations but they are still competing on the same playing field. Lacking resources does not have to be a crutch. In fact, storytelling can be the ultimate differentiator for small businesses.

Look at this Shark Tank pitch. The opening is the same as every other investor pitch – investors were seeking $150k for a 15% stake in their company. As the pitch progresses, the Sharks get emotional.

When the question was asked, “What motivated you guys to start your own business?”, an emotional story begins to unfold. The product features were overrun by the emotional connection the business owner created when he told his ‘Why’.

At the end of the video, Mr.