6 Creativity Lessons from the Faux 'Kyle Scheele Meale' Marketing Campaign

I am convinced the most creative individuals aren’t working in marketing and certainly not in a sales position.

If you want to test my theory, join TikTok and start scrolling.

A while back, I wrote about the storytelling prowess and magical voice of Brady LaRock, promoting the need for brands to create content useful and engaging to their audience. Today, I am highlighting a brilliant marketing campaign that started as a joke but caught the attention of major brands due to the creativity of one man.

Kyle Scheele may have just started a massive partnership marketing campaign. The story begins when he walked into a local convenience store and a cardboard cutout of Post Malone was on display.

He asked the clerk, “Hey, can I have that when you guys are done with it?” The clerk’s reply, “Man, I don’t even know where that stuff comes from. Vendors bring it and then it just disappears one day”, leaving Scheele dumbfounded and stimulating his creative juices.

This was the first chapter in a brilliant and hilarious story.

Kyle decided he was going to make his own display and without approval, place it in a popular gas station.

First, he needed a professional photo of himself, so he called his friend who was a photographer to do a photoshoot where Kyle held a pizza shaped guitar.

Next came the graphic design. Using a simple graphic design tool, he added a background and a catchy title.

Finally, he sent the finished design to another friend who worked for a sign-printing company.

And the results are hilarious.

The cutout was a life-size scale of Kyle with an added background and title. The estimated 8-foot sized display turned out to be nothing short of comical, requiring a U-Haul van for transportation.

Kyle picked out a Kum & Go convenience store for his project and delivered the display during one of the busiest times of the day. Upon delivery, he wore a mask so no one would recognize him as the person in the display, and told the clerk, “I’m just going to put this right here.” To which he received a response, “Okay, thank you!”