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Corner Media Team


Noah Cordell, Co-Owner

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Patrick Brunner, Co-Owner

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Patrick has always been a creative individual who takes pride in putting his best foot forward for his clients.  Learning the technical side of recording and mixing music paved the way for him finding a career in video production.  

Patrick believes every business has a story and it is his job to bring that story to life.  He serves as the lead drone pilot and sound supervisor for Corner Media.  Outside of work, Patrick plays hockey and produces his own music.

Noah has always enjoyed having a camera in his hand and uncovering new ways to creatively tell a story.  He has a unique knack for witty humor.  In high school, Noah spent an excessive amount of time creating short skits.

In college, various freelancing jobs led Noah to co-found Corner Media where he serves as lead camera operator and editor.  In his free time, Noah enjoys spending time outdoors and kayaking.