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ATP Online and In-person Training Workshops

Connect sales and marketing learning, together.

Raise the bar with financial sales & marketing workshops

Sales and marketing is no longer linear.  Today's financial professionals must be able to stand out in a crowded market by connecting on an emotional level to their intended audience.  Build agile selling skills in your team so they can lead clients through the a new dynamic buyer's journey.

Our training is designed to help you be recognized as an industry thought-leader in a digital world, use messaging that captures and maintains attention, and deliver an outstanding client experience.  

Our process is grounded in earning the trust of your client without the product-pushing approach.  We offer a variety of delivery options including in-person and virtual to meet you where you are and accelerate the pace of where you want to go.



Learn how to foster strong professional and personal relationships with your clients using traditional sales and marketing methods combined with today's technology without the product-pushing approach.


An effective sales management process is a must-have for any financial firm.  We dive into how to plan your sales goals, control the sales process, shorten the sales cycle, and boost sales performance in a highly competitive environment.

In a world where client trust has become increasingly rare and tenuous, financial firms can't take anything for granted.  Our workshops focus on aligning both sales and marketing to reach, connect, and engage with clients to earn and maintain trust.



Workshops to solve difficult sales challenges

In-Person or Virtual Workshops

We work directly with your leadership team to develop custom-designed workshops to achieve a myriad of goals.  Our process involves identifying a specific, action-oriented purpose, and aim to generate concrete answers to current problems in your organization.

Fill In The Blanks Templates and Workbooks

We designed workbooks and templates that guide you and your team through their learning to put into practice new methods of achieving your sales and marketing objectives.  Not only do they have the content from the training session, they also have planning templates to implement what has been learned.

Additional Resources

Our additional resources include a complete workbook of the key points from the workshop to be easily referred to later.

Follow Up

After the workshop is complete, our services include additional 1:1 consultation to provide ongoing assistance for your financial firm.

Additional Benefits

The value we provide doesn't stop with the online training and consultation.  We will continue to engage and provide relevant and helpful sales and marketing information through exclusive webinars, virtual group drop-in visits, and newsletters.


How To Be A Financial-Thought Leader

Be Remembered With Storytelling

Connect & Engage with COIs

Win New Clients With Social Selling

Rock Your Financial Sales Presentation 

Sales Management

Ready to get started?

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