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Sales and marketing in the financial services industry is challenging.  Clients have changed the way they research, consume, and digest information.  The industry is flooded with product-pushing sales tactics, leading to a negative perception of financial services providers.

ATP Online Training is designed to break through the noise and help differentiate your firm in a crowded market.  Our training focuses on strategic planning, marketing, and sales execution to help you compete in today's dynamic market environment.



We offer a fully online learning approach to maximize impact and results of your training.  Your team will reap the rewards of time invested by understanding, connecting, and engaging with your target market.


Training is only as valuable as the application ability.  We provide resources, worksheets, and guidelines specific to the financial services industry to help you plan, implement, and execute with excellence.

Our training program offers the foundations of what it takes to be successful.  We provide real-world best practice examples so you can gather inspiration for your financial firm.



Our Training and Development Programs

Video Content To Support Training Objectives

Each course is laid out in a presentation-style format for participants to follow key points.  Our training details fundamentals of each topic, best practices, and actionable steps for improvement.  The video presentations are designed for participants to learn when and where they want.

Fill In The Blanks Templates and Workbooks

We designed workbooks and templates that guide you and your team through their learning to put into practice new methods of achieving your sales and marketing objectives.  Not only do they have the content from the training session, they also have planning templates to implement what has been learned.

Additional Resources

Our additional resources include a condensed workbook of the key points from each course.  The workbook also includes tools to leverage, cheat sheets, and industry-specific leading brands to follow for inspiration.

1:1 Consultation

When you choose to enroll as a student, you automatically receive additional 1:1 consultation to help put into action what you have learned.  Each session is designed to put new strategies and tactics into place tailored to your financial firm.

Additional Benefits

The value we provide doesn't stop with the online training and consultation.  We will continue to engage and provide relevant and helpful sales and marketing information through exclusive webinars, virtual group drop-in visits, and newsletters.


Strategic Planning

Digital Marketing

Power Up Your Online Presence

Empower Your Sales Team

Nail Your Marketing Message

Sales Management


  • Over 6 Hours Virtual Learning

  • 30+ Virtual Courses

  • Over 10 Hours of Learning

  • 180+ Sales & Marketing Workbook

  • 50+ Worksheets & Resources

  • 2 Sessions 1:1 Virtual Consulting

  • Virtual Zoom Drop-Ins

  • Best Practices Newsletter

  • Access to a Private Podcast to listen to course content

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